Sometimes the ability to be amazed is the thing you miss most when you work with things for any length of time. The many things which come from the (fertile?)  minds of the developers of computer hardware is an area where I thought I could no longer be surprised.

I was totally wrong.

This morning it has been announced that Lenovo has decided that their line up will not be complete without a 23” tablet offering.

Though there may be those who will do more than think twice about this upcoming product, I wonder where the cries of foul will come from first – those who do not want to lug the unwieldy device around, or those who complain that the device is too easily damaged, as it will no doubt be bent to the point of breakage by many early adopters.

Actually, instead of a tablet profile at 23”, why not a notebook of 23” instead? A laptop which would feature a couple of things different from those currently available, and probably seem absolutely atavistic to the many who must have the very smallest, lightest thing available.

I’d like to see a full keyboard, with no Chiclets keys, but instead having full travel keys which are protected by an outer ridge which moves away from the lower half of the laptop when opened.

An optical drive may be considered passé by some, but those feeling that way are hardly working from usability studies, as there is lots of life and many reasons why optical drives will be around for a long time. Including one which is a bit more durable, and includes LightScribe, should be a design point.

With the larger size available for the lower half of the clamshell, a much more feature replete touchpad could be included, allowing multi-touch gestures without the added expense, and questionable worth, of an actual touch enabled screen. That would make usability soar, while keeping those who currently feel the need for an adjunct mouse from having to carry around that extra piece of equipment – the better touch pad would obviate any need for the multi-button mouse with its own multiple buttons available, and multi-finger gesturing allowing for precise control. (Anyone who has used the Adesso 4 button track pads knows how handy those buttons are, and how easily a person can become accustomed to their use.)

With the real estate allowed by the larger form, a combination of increased CPU efficiency and increased space within the confines of the laptop outline could make for a much larger battery compartment, which could allow usage away from the power mains for a much longer time than is currently the norm.

With the increased screen size, allowing for 1920×1080 resolution, the vastly improved keyboard and touch pads, the increased battery life, and better build quality (using a monocoque design), the larger notebook might actually have a chance at making the masses give up on the old desktop machine, which so many find difficult to integrate into their home decor.