After winning an iPad recently, I soon realize that I’m not all that hip to the idea of typing on the provided keyboard. Yeah, I know it should feel like the iPhone keyboard (which also sucks), but this doesn’t translate into something usable in my opinion. This led me to looking into how the iPad handles wireless devices. To my surprise, there weren’t nearly as many options as I had thought.

Keyboard yes, mouse…not so much

I know I’m going to get massive grief for even suggesting that I use a mouse with the iPad. Sorry, but using a keyboard with it, only to stop and touch the screen, is just stupid. It’s precisely why I use a netbook instead. Still, I was pleased that buying a bluetooth wireless Apple keyboard translated into me being able to easily type on the iPad without having to smudge the hell out of the screen. Works well enough for my needs, that is.

Now remember how I said that a mouse won’t work with the iPad. Well, in true Apple fashion, it’s only by designed as a jailbroken iPad totally supports a bluetooth mouse along with the keyboard. Thanks again Apple, for making choices for your users as to the best interface devices. I mean what’s the point of supporting the bluetooth keyboard and not the mouse, right?

Photo by Matt Hartley

The demand for more wireless peripherals

Reasoning for Apple being so restricting with wireless devices for the iPad remains a mystery for me personally. And because of this, it’ll remain a neat toy to play with when I am not working on my portable computer. It’s really too bad, since the iPad could make for a solid netbook replacement had it come with a keyboard and mouse of the box. To be ultimately fair though, I guess I can always hunch my neck over in a weird way and type as if I’m staring into my lap. Clearly, this is a¬†natural¬†approach to avoiding the need for any wireless devices being connected to the iPad.