Most Web browsers keep a history of what Web pages you have visited, as well as form and search history, and download history. Sometimes you may want to clear this history, especially if you share a computer with roommates or family, or if use a computer at work that others can access. If you use Safari, clearing this history is easy. You can even set Safari to browse in a private mode to prevent Safari from ever storing your browsing history, which is a good idea if you share a computer. Here is how to delete your history in Safari:

  1. Open Safari and click on Edit.
  2. Then, choose Reset Safariā€¦
  3. A popup will then ask what features you want to reset in Safari. You can choose from:
  • Clear History
  • Empty the Cache
  • Clear the Downloads
  • Remove all the Cookies
  • Remove the Web site Icons
  • Remove Saved Names and Passwords
  • Remove other AutoFill form text
  • Clean recent Web searches
  • Close all Safari windows

Though clearing just the history will remove the history of websites in Safari, selecting all of these boxes for a complete Safari reset will completely flush all of your browsing data. To see if your history was clear, you can check the History tab in Safari to ensure it is empty.

If you want to prevent Safari from storing your browsing history entirely, you can set Safari to browse the internet in private mode. To do this, click on Edit and select Private Browsing. Then, click “OK” in the confirmation screen, which explains that private browsing prevents webpages from being added to history and automatically removes items from the Downloads window. Also, private browsing prevents information from being saved using AutoFill, and searches are not added to the pop-menu in the Google search box. You can still, however, use the back and forward buttons in a window until you close it in Safari.