The matchups have been set, and this weekend the first round of the NBA Tourment begins. With matches going on until June, there are a ton of ways to keep up with the action on your mobile device. Whether you have Android or an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, here are the best options for tracking the tourney on-the-go.

NBA Game Time (iOS / Android)

The official NBA app is among the best out there for keeping up. With a live bracket, play-by-play of games as well as video highlights and previews after the games are over, NBA Game Time has all the information you need, and best of all the app is free. If you’re a basketball junkie, a $4.99 in-app purchase adds even more features to Game Time including home and away radio broadcasts, team produced video, push notifications and removal of ads.

In addition, If you happen to be a subscriber to NBA League Pass, Game Time will also stream all of the League Pass games to your phone. Great for watching games on the go or at work, keeping up with scores or just tracking the bracket, NBA Game Time is the most complete mobile solution for the Tournament and NBA Finals.

ESPN ScoreCenter (iOS  / Android)

ESPN ScoreCenter doesn’t look as nice as Game Time, but it has some features available for free that cost money in the official app. You can set your favorite team and have their scores highlighted across the app, as well as set push notifications so that you know the score at the end of every quarter and the end of the game.

However, ScoreCenter doesn’t have a bracket built into it, so you’ll have to keep track of that yourself based on the scores that ScoreCenter provides.

ScoreCenter isn’t just for basketball, however, and also can track scores of pretty much any game that’s being played including College and NFL football, MLB, NHL, and more.