If you use Outlook 2010 in a business environment, chances the IT Department has set up mailbox quotas. This means your Inbox can not exceed a specific size. So how can you proactively monitor the size of your mailbox to avoid your IT Department’s black list?

You have two options. You can manually check the folder size or you can turn on quota information. I prefer the second option as it’s much easier to see how much space you have left. However, both options are described in more detail below.

To manually check the size of your Inbox:

  1. Within Outlook, click File.
  2. Click Info.
  3. Click CleanUp Tools.
  4. Click the Mailbox Cleanup option. The Mailbox Cleanup window appears.
  5. Click the View Mailbox Size button.
  6. The Folder Size window appears. The Total Size field tells you the current size of your mailbox.

As I mentioned, an easier way to keep track of your mailbox size is to turn on quota information. The quota information shows in the status bar how much free space is left in your mailbox based on the quota. By default, quota information is turned off. To turn it on, right click the Status Bar. From the resulting menu, click Quota Information.

How to Turn on Outlook Quota Information

Outlook 2010 displays the amount of free space currently left in your mailbox quota in the bottom left hand corner of the Status Bar along with the number of items in each folder.