Can someone serious make an iPad feel more like a notebook computer? Before anyone says this isn’t needed, please consider a previous post of mine first before assuming this. Fact of the matter is, I found myself looking for a wireless keyboard for my iPad. But even this alone, wasn’t cutting it. The case I ended up with and the keyboard, let me wanting more. I want my clamshell experience, darn it! I fail to see why this is so difficult to get through peoples heads. Thankfully I found a product that not only addresses a better keyboard experience, but bundled with a few select software packages, I found that you really can use an iPad like a notebook.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by pescatello
What you need (my opinion)

Undoubtedly there can be different variations of this to consider, but I found that using the following three items made me feel less likely to reach for my notebook over the iPad for my daily routine.

1) A Bluetooth iPad case with keyboard. Some might argue that any Apple based wireless keyboard will suffice, I will point out that it’s not that convenient when not attached to something with the iPad. Pretty much any of these bluetooth iPad cases would work great.

2) A decent video editing suite. After looking into iMovie, among a few others, I found that this ReelDirector just feels the most natural when being used from the iPad interface. Far from being something I’d used with any heavy editing, ReelDirector still does a pretty decent job overall.

3) A worthwhile office suite. You’d think the iOS office suite solutions might suck a little less, but here we are. This said, the least of all evils was QuickOffice as it provides the kind of functionality one would expect. One of the features I found refreshing was the ability to create/edit/share all three big office doc types. PowerPoint, Excel and Word. To me, this was a huge step in the right direction.