Microsoft can say pretty much whatever they wish when it comes to Windows operating system technologies, because no one else produces a Windows workalike operating system. When it comes to browser technology, however, they should stick to things they can defend completely or explain with little trouble.

When one of the chief purveyors of the current Microsoft browser line spoke in a speech about native HTML5, as a Microsoft domain, I’m certain that no one really knew what the hell he was speaking of, but no doubt the fanboys were about ready to wet themselves, as a new Microsoft neologism was about to begin life. Unfortunately, the developers at Mozilla and Opera got wind of this B(asic) S(trategy), and called foul, as it was clear that all cleverness aside, the speech was full of nothing but the hottest of hot air.

When someone takes it upon himself to coin a word or phrase, it is important that they give a clear definition of what it is they are communicating at the outset. Dean Hachamovitch of Microsoft did nothing like that, preferring to let those in attendance infer what they might from his words. The people from Mozilla and Opera must have gotten the exact transcript, and when no clarity was provided, they decided to give the speech the full recognition it was due, which began with its classification as top-grade fertilizer.

Though Hachamovitch was trying to give the impression that the Windows 7, IE9, HTML5 combination was capable of some sort of synergistic effect, he was far too clumsy in his delivery, and sounded like the current head of Microsoft, another person frequently at a loss for precision of speech, though never at a loss for words. It seems to be the post-Gates Microsoft way.

While the Mozilla folks were very acerbic in their statements, which were as free flowing as the original remarks from the minister from the church of Microsoft.

PC World in its coverage gives a few of the witticisms, but perhaps the most on point is the following  –

“I’m pretty sure Firefox 5 has ‘complete native HTML5’ support,” said Asa Dotzler , Mozilla’s director of community development. “We should resolve this as fixed and be sure to let the world know we beat Microsoft to shipping *complete* native HTML5.”

Word from the Opera camp was a bit more sedate, but still must have taken at least one of the leaders aback, as he is co-author of a book called Introducing HTML5 . The author then stated that the beauty of the web is that there is no one best platform, or as the Microsoft orator put it, native choice. So many things work with it and each delivers what is needed to those using the specific hardware/software combination.

We might hope that this sound drubbing might get Microsoft to speak more explicitly and exactly, with less of their own flourishes, known to many as FUD. Looking at the next flourish from Microsoft will tell the tale, as we will see either more cake with less icing, or it will be back to the same old phrasing, guaranteed to irritate and aggravate those outside of the halls of Redmond.