Yesterday I spent part of the day installing the Netflix app on my wife’s Apple iPad. I already have about 200 movies and TV programs in my Netflix queue, ready to be streamed to my home televisions. Some of  what I enjoy are the older movies and also TV programs from the past. I also like the benefit of being able to watch these programs when I wish to, and the ability to stop, fast forward, and rewind when I want.

I downloaded the Netflix app on the Apple iPad I bought for my wife and gave it a try. To my surprise and pleasure the movies played perfectly. There was no stutter, pausing, nor stops when watching movies nor televisions programs I played. I tried about a dozen programs and all played perfectly.

We are on vacation this week visiting our daughter and her husband. Both have Apple iPhones as well as a Netflix account. I mentioned my impressions to my son-in-law so he decided  to try the app on his iPhone. He was equally impressed with the quality of the movies he played as well as the television programs he tried.

The following evening we experimented with downloading different movies and TV programs and all played perfectly.

But there are a few features that you miss when using the Netflix app on the Apple iPad or iPhone. You cannot rate movies or television programs when using the Netflix app. Also missing is the ability to mute what you are playing. But these are minor when considering the complete Netflix experience.

Overall I believe that anyone who has a Netflix account and owns an Apple iPad or iPhone will enjoy the Netflix experience.

If you are currently streaming movies or TV programs to your Apple device, let us know what you think and share your experience with us.

Comments welcome.