The news has come that Comcast wants to be the big boy on the block, with offerings of the fastest service for general use, at 105 megabits per second, called Xfinity (no one said they were good at naming conventions). That is very fast indeed, and makes things very quick for those that have the service.

The service is still greatly asymmetric, with upload speeds capped at 10 Mb/s, so anyone wishing to run a busy server will still want another offering. No doubt running a server is specifically disallowed, its barring most certainly found in the small print of the contract one must sign when one obtains the service. It always seems to be that way – running a server always incurs business rates, which is just another way to gouge the customer, though they might actually use less bandwidth than someone else doing heavy downloading as part of a busy household.

The service will only be available in large cities for now (listed cities are all of populations over 200K), with other cities added eventually. So, if you were counting on this to be your salvation from dial-up in West Fencepost, Wyoming, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer.

The service, at 105 Mb/s will allow for many things to be done, but the price is fairly dear, at $105 per month for the first 12 months, but after that, the price zooms to $200 per month. The insult which is added to that injury is the fact that the caps which might be expected to evaporate with such an expense, are still remaining. 250 GB per month can go quickly at 105 Mb/s! For those unable to imagine this, it could come in about 5 hours – though that would take a coordinated usage of the pipe. Still, that is not unreasonable in many households these days.

Can you imagine using up your month’s data allowance in less than a week? I know I can with the internet junkies in my house!

A bit more about the service, one must also have Comcast as their television and phone provider, because the subscription to the “Triple Play” is what allows the reduced price of $105 per month. Without the phone and television, it is still available, but that price has not yet been released. A good bet would be that it hovers at that $200 mark.

So will many bite? I’m certain that some will, just to be able to show off for their friends, but the lack of caps being lifted, along with the phone and television usage adding to the data transfers, and the fact that recent news of cable companies having problems with accurate measurements on metered services, all leads to the suspicion of $105 per month not being the end of it – and who wants that?

Worrying about one’s usage, or fighting about the mis-measurement of that usage, is not something that is Comcastic!

The way that these new and explorative services are always priced comes under the “whatever the traffic will bear” banner, and for the good of all, people should not bear it – opting instead to have Comcast either drop the pricing, or drop the caps. I’m certain either would have the customers flocking to the service in droves.