Yesterday was Friday. I started to shut down my computer at the end of the day and didn’t even realize that Friday had passed. I think it was mainly because I went through my entire day of tweeting without seeing a single #FollowFriday or #FF hashtag on Twitter. It then occurred to me that #FollowFriday has been almost non-existent in my timeline for the past few months. If you look at some of the people still using the hashtag, many of them make fun of it, calling it old. They’re right. Seeing those bulky lists means nothing anymore.

Follow Friday was great when Twitter first started. Back when the population was small and not infiltrated with so many marketers, it meant something to get your name on that #FF hash. It was as though the person was saying “This person should be valued. Follow them!” And it worked. Your small list of followers grew every Follow Friday and the followers you gained would all get in on the same conversations with your existing followers. It was fun! But now that all of the “brand builders” and social media douche-bags have taken over, sadly, it means nothing anymore. These people will only #FF you in a self-served effort to get promotion back themselves, and it’s difficult to tell if anybody is genuine anymore. Once one of these idiots infects your follower list, it’s a pandemic. You’d trust these creeps and follow the people they recommended, only to find you were following even more douche-bags trying to make millions by marketing on Twitter.

These days, you need to bring some context as to why you recommend a person to be followed. “You should following @ChrisPirillo because his farts smell like gumdrops!”. This means something, and genuinely has to be earned. Tweeps also realize, this can also be done any day instead of just Friday.

Even though #FollowFriday is dead, I still felt sentimental about it. In a last ditch effort to bring back the #FF to my Twitter community, I tried to throw some love out there and wrote a #FollowFriday tweet. I thought “Maybe this thing can be saved!” Unfortunately, the love was unanswered. Not even one “Thanks!” was uttered. It didn’t inspire anybody else on my follower list to throw a #FollowFriday out there either. I have to accept it. Nobody Follow Fridays anymore. It has lost all its meaning. It’s dead! R.I.P. #FollowFriday.