After going through my cable collection the other day, I came across a ton of different power supplies for the various wireless phones I’ve owned over the years. The bin contained tons of car and wall chargers that I will never need again, thanks to Micro-USB being standardized by wireless companies. This standardization will prevent millions of wasteful cables from ending up in landfills. Eventually, the plan is to stop including cables with wireless phones because most people will already have one. Of course, if you purchase an iPhone or iPod, it’s a different story.

iPhone and iPod users have been using the same proprietary cable for years. Apple seems to be sticking with them in the future too, even though mobile phones in the European Union are required to support Micro-USB. Apple’s rumored solution is to provide an adapter instead of going 100% Micro-USB.

Apple and Micro-USB cables

It’s surprising to me that Apple is fighting the Micro-USB conversion so much. Steve Jobs was such a huge hippie, you’d think the company would be more environmentally responsible. Apple does have an environmental web page that does its best to showcase their energy efficiency. Unfortunately, there is no specific mention about the cables on their page.

If Apple switched to the standard Micro-USB cable, it was also save many customers from having to go out and purchase an expensive cable every time one

gets mangled from careless removal or the occasional dog chewing incident. $19 for a simple cable is unacceptable when Micro-USB cables cost about $4.00 at my local electronics store. Apple seems to make a lot of its profit on accessories though, so that is likely the reason we will never see them adopt the standard.

I still have hope for Apple though. It’s time for them to make a change. The iPhone 5 release would be the time to do away with the 30-pin connector. Show your customers that you care about the environment as well as saving them a few dollars.