Are you at a school or workplace that blocks social media sites like Facebook? Trying to get your Facebook fix but are assaulted with a “Content Blocked” page, keeping you from your precious news feed? While we don’t endorse slacking off at work here at Lockergnome, there are times when you just need to get to Facebook. Luckily, there are a lot of ways around simple site blockers, so you can get to Facebook if you really need to. Here’s how:

1. Use Remote Desktop

If you have a computer at home that you can leave on while you’re at work or school, Remote Desktop is the easiest way to access blocked sites on another network. Remote Desktop allows you to access your home computer from your work computer, essentially running your home PC in a window. This process will get around the blocks because Facebook will be loaded using your home internet connection, and the blocked connection will only be used to display the desktop of your home connection. Blocking thwarted!

To set up Remote Desktop on your home PC, follow these instructions. Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is make a note of your IP address so you can┬áconnect once you’re at work. If you need to know your IP, check out On the Facebook-blocked computer, simply click the start menu and load up “Remote Desktop Connection” on a PC, or download Remote Desktop Connection for Mac if you’re using a Mac. Then type your home computer’s IP in the connect box and you’ll be all set.

2. Use a free or paid proxy service

You can also use one of many proxies available to load Facebook if it’s blocked. A proxy is similar to Remote Desktop in that you are using another internet connection to load Facebook, but some additional concerns arise with proxies because you are often using a non-trusted connection. It’s up to you whether you’d like to pass personal information such as your Facebook password across a random proxy.

You can access a list of free proxies at, but if you plan on proxying frequently, I would recommend signing up for a 6-month subscription to Proxify for $40. A subscription will provide you with an ad-free experience, as well as faster speeds and SSL support so you can be sure your data is safe.

3. Tether with your Smartphone

If you happen to have an iPhone or Android phone, you can use the internet tethering features on your Smartphone to get around a Facebook block. Just connect the computer you’re using to the tethered connection and you the block will be a thing of the past. Official carrier solutions exist for most iPhones and Android phones, are there are also cheaper solutions like PDANet and TetherMe. Setup is generally pretty easy, just install the app on your phone and it will walk you through the process of se