Making a sidebar gadget to show the number of day of support for Windows XP is simply a bad idea. Not only is it a waste of space on a desk, only the fanboys will be using something like this.

It looks as though Mr. Ballmer has really lost it this time, and the repercussions from this will be felt all over, as those who support Windows XP independent of Microsoft will begin to grab the lion’s share of that business, and Microsoft will have a problem selling to many who will be more than miffed by this puerile behavior.

What is really stupid is that the item is only for those already having Vista or Windows 7.  So how does it function except to annoy those who know about it, or see it on the machine belonging to anyone else? Couldn’t the time wasted to create this, or decide it should be released, better used elsewhere?

Jokes like this are what some companies lose lots of revenue over, as the paying customers tend to believe that any attempts at support will be half-hearted, or less. No one at Microsoft apparently knows the adage about catching more flies with honey than vinegar…

I think about it this way – in what other realm would a provider of anything benefit from the ridicule of those using one of their older products. If you are driving a Ford truck of 2001 vintage, and Ford puts up moving signs to razz those drivers by giving the signs away to owners of 2009-2011 model trucks, how happy will those drivers be? How many drivers of the newer trucks would take advantage of it? How many would be afraid of the damage done to their trucks by those driving the older products?

I know in California, it doesn’t take much to get your car keyed, and trying to prove someone did it is very hard.

If you’re among those who find this somehow useful, it can be downloaded (after you establish that your copy of Windows Vista or Windows 7 is genuine) from here.