I had a very interesting experience last week while visiting our daughter and her family. She mentioned that her Dell PC was infected with a nasty virus. I thought to myself, no problem. I’ll just download the software program Malwarebytes, install it, and clean up her system in no time. The other computer in the house was an iMac that my son-in-law had purchased last year. Not knowing that much about Mac’s I downloaded the file to his system and asked him to transfer the software over to a USB thumb drive. To my surprise he stated he didn’t know how to do it. He stated that he hadn’t had the time to learn on how the filing system worked on a Mac and couldn’t find the download file.

Please do not think that I am being critical of him for not taking the time to learn how the Mac works. He is a very busy man working and raising a new family and I am sure this is not a high priority on his list. But it did in fact teach me a valuable lesson. Since I bought my wife our first Apple product, an Apple iPad, I have been in the process of learning how her toy works. One of the issues I ran into was how to synchronize Microsoft Outlook 2007 contact list from her computer with the Apple iPad.

The first thing I did was to Google for a solution. I was surprised that the directions I found on most web sites were difficult to understand and to accomplish. The simple fact is that the process is extremely simple, in fact, so simple I was almost embarrassed to write about it. But I am sure there are many PC users like myself who are new to Apple products like I am, so I thought I would share the solution.

You need to install the iTunes software from Apple onto your PC. Hook up your Apple iPad to the PC that has your Outlook 2003 or 2007 contact list. When you contact the iPad to your PC the iTunes screen will appear. Select your iPad device. Towards the top of the iTunes screen is a tab labeled INFO. Click on the tab. At the next screen you will have the option to synchronize your contact list by selecting Outlook and check the sync button. Let your iPad synch with your computer and you will have all of your contacts and email addresses on your Apple iPad. You will also notice other options if you wish to transfer your Live Mail, Yahoo or other email contacts as well.

I must say that Apple has made this procedure rather painless and very simple to use.

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