Facebook has quickly become the most popular social network with over an estimated 600 million users. Now that it’s likely you and all of your friends use Facebook, it’s hard to get time to yourself without getting bombarded with instant messages on Facebook Chat. Although Facebook Chat is a great feature of Facebook (especially now that voice chat has been integrated into Facebook Chat thanks to Bobsled by T-Mobile) it makes it hard to get anything else done on Facebook. If you just need to check your messages, or post a quick status update, you may want to be invisible on Facebook Chat so that you can use Facebook with a little peace and quiet. Here is how to be invisible on Facebook:

  1. Login to Facebook at Facebook.com
  2. Click on the “Chat” button on the bottom right corner to open up your Facebook Chat list
  3. At the top of your Facebook Chat list, click the “Options” button
  4. From the dropdown menu that appears, click “Go offline”. You will then be Invisible to all of your Facebook friends in Facebook Chat

You can also be invisible on Facebook Chat to a select only group of friends. You will first need to make a list of friends you want to be invisible to. To make a new Friend List, open Facebook Chat and click on “Friend Lists” at the top of the Facebook Chat window. Then, create a new Friend List by typing in a new name for your new Friend List at the bottom of the drop down menu. To add friends to this list, hover over the new title in the Facebook Chat window and click “edit”. You can then add friends to your Facebook Friend List.

To be invisible on Facebook Chat to a specific friend list, click the Friend Lists button again to see your Facebook Friends by list. You can then choose whether you are displayed as offline (or invisible) or online to each list of friends by clicking the green/white or green/grey icons to the right of the list name to toggle between being invisible or online to each specific list of friends.