Because I am an MVP [Microsoft Valuable Professional], some may consider my opinion nothing more than parroting the thoughts of Microsoft as a company. One of the things that I enjoy about being an MVP is the fact that not once has Microsoft told me what to write nor suggested I cease writing about a specific subject, even when that subject line may be critical to Microsoft and their products. With this in mind I would like to express my opinion about a blog article by Brandon LeBlanc, a Microsoft employee, in which it states in the article that ‘Windows 7 has sold more than 350 million licenses’, and that this has occurred during the past 18 months.

During the past 18 months I have tried different operating systems on my test computer including a variety of Linux versions. I even tried Mint 10 on my personal work laptop and just about had myself convinced that I could make the switch away from Windows and that Linux could serve my needs. Last December I received a beta laptop from Google known as the Cr-48 which uses the Chrome operating system, again hoping that this notebook could ween me away from Windows.

So why would I want to dump Windows for another operating system? I had to ask myself this question and I can honestly say I haven’t a clue. Each time I have tried walking away, I have returned to my Windows system with open arms. The reason is that Windows is what I am familiar with, has the programs I need and I enjoy using Windows 7. Windows 7 has something that no other operating system has. It can handle office suites, business software with ease and also can handle gaming. Linux, Mac and Chrome can not even compete with Windows on this multi-faceted level. Windows is like the swiss army knife of all operating systems.

I think what we are going to see is a separation of operating systems for specific devices. Apple and Android will continue to dominate the tablet market because both of these operating systems are lite in resource usage and work perfectly on small devices. The Apple Mac remains a niche product for those who want a system meeting their specific needs. Windows will continue to dominate for decades to come because it is a good product.

Windows remains the best operating system on the planet. In my opinion it should come as no surprise that Windows 7 has become so popular in the past 18 months. Windows 7 is the operating system to beat and no one has actually been able to top it on the desktop.

I am sure others of you will have different opinions and chose to voice them loudly and clearly.

Comments welcome.

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