In the following tip you’ll learn how to compress your PowerPoint 2010 presentations.

PowerPoint presentations that contain images, video/movie embeds, style elements, etc. are usually very big files. If you need to share the presentation, the large file size may become a problem. Personally I always run into challenges when sharing presentations via email due to Inbox limitations.

PowerPoint 2010 includes a feature called ‘Compress Media” that lets you quickly and easily compress your presentations. This makes it easier to share the file, save disk space and can improve playback performance.

To compress a PowerPoint presentation to reduce the file size:

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation that you want to compress.
  2. Click File and point to Info.
  3. PowerPoint - Compress Files

  4. Click the Compress Media option.
  5. PowerPoint - Compress Files

  6. The list of Compress Media options appear. From the list of options, select the option that best represents what you are trying to accomplish. For example, if you need to save disk space, select Presentation Quality. Conversely, if you need to send the presentation via email, select Low Quality. The Compress Media options are summarized below:
    • Presentation Quality — Saves disk space and maintains overall audio, video quality.
    • Internet Quality — Quality is comparable to media streamed on internet.
    • Low Quality — Use when space limited, like when sending file via email.
  7. PowerPoint - Compress Files

  8. For the purposes of this exercise, select Presentation Quality. The Compress Media window appears. It may take a few moments to compress the file.
  9. Once the file is compressed, click Close to exit the Compress Media window.

You may have noticed the undo option from the list of Compress Media options. You can always undo the compress action by selecting this option. Alternatively, to use a different compression option, complete the steps described above and select the compression option in step 4. For example, if you initially selected Presentation Quality, you can switch to Internet Quality.