Facebook Messages is a great way to communicate with other Facebook users. The new Facebook Messages displays a history of your Facebook chats, messages, and texts between your Facebook friends, all in one place. You can communicate directly, and privately, between other Facebook users using Facebook Messages, which now features all previous discussions with your friends all in one discussion stream. These private conversations with friends are filtered into your “Messages” folder, and messages from everything else, such as fan pages, goes into the “Other” folder. You have the option to receive Facebook Messages from just your friends on Facebook, friends of your friends, or everyone on Facebook — even people you are not friends with. You may opt for this last option if you use Facebook to connect professionally, or with classmates from years ago, which can help others confirm that you are the right person they are looking for.

block facebook messages to limit who you receive messages fromIf you want to block Facebook Messages to limit who contacts you on Facebook, you can change these settings in your privacy settings. First, log in to Facebook and click on your Account tab in the top right corner. Then, select Privacy Settings from the dropdown list. At the very top of the next page you will see an option under “Connecting on Facebook” to “View settings.” Click on this. On the next page, find the drop down menu next to “Send you messages.” You can limit messages so that “everyone” on Facebook can send you messages, your friends and friends of friends by selecting “friends of friends,” or just your friends. Once you select the new setting, it will be saved automatically.

You can also choose to stop receiving messages from specific people by blocking them on Facebook. To block someone on Facebook, log in to Facebook and select your Account from the top right corner. From the dropdown menu, select Privacy Settings, and then under Block Lists, click “Edit your lists.” You can then enter the name or email address of the person you want to block in the appropriate field and click “Block.” Don’t worry — the people you are blocking on Facebook will not be notified when you block them, but this will prevent the blocked person from messaging you in the future.