There are now over 600 million users on Facebook. If you also have a Facebook profile, you may not want every Facebook user to be able to view all or even part of your Facebook profile. While Facebook does not have an option to set your Facebook profile to private (unlike MySpace), you can change your privacy settings to limit what parts of your profile are visible to other users of Facebook. Here is how you can change your privacy settings to make your Facebook more private.

First, log in to your Facebook account at Then, click “Account” on the account tab at the top right corner of your profile page, and then select “Privacy Settings” from the drop down menu.

To choose what aspects of your profile other users of Facebook can see, select privacy options under each “Everyone” “Friends of Friends”, “Friends Only”, or “Recommended”. You can see and change what your current settings are to change your privacy settings for each group of Facebook users. Once you have changed your current privacy settings, click “Apply These Settings”. You can also click “Customize Settings” to apply much more narrow customization to Facebook settings, further limiting what types of users on Facebook can see when you share on Facebook, and what impacts your profile when others share things on Facebook, too.

You can also adjust your privacy settings on Facebook by editing your applications and websites. Click “Edit your settings” under Applications and Websites in the lower left corner. of the Privacy Settings page. You can then edit each settings that control what information is available to apps and websites when your friends use them, who can see your recent games and app activity, and whether instant personalization within games and apps is enabled.

On the Privacy Settings page you can also control your Block Lists, which allows you to limit who contacts you on Facebook. On this page, click “Edit your lists” under Block Lists, which allows you to block individuals from searching for you on Facebook, viewing your profile or messaging you.

Changing these settings will not help you make your Facebook profile entirely private, but it will give you more control over your privacy settings and thereby limiting who can view your profile, or contact you on Facebook.