Facebook features the ability for both personal users and business pages to setup a username on Facebook so that friends and family can easily access Facebook profiles via a vanity URL. These vanity URLS, which look like the URL of a profile on Twitter, which include your Facebook username, make the address of your Facebook profile easy to remember.

To set a Facebook username, login to Facebook at Facebook.com. If you have not set your username yet, naviagate to www.facebook.com/username/. You can then choose your username, if it is available and not being used by another Facebook User. If you want to change your username, click on your account at the top right corner. From the dropdown menu, select Account settings. On the next page, find the link next to “Username” to “change” your username. You will see your current username listed under the link to “change” your username. Click on “change” to change your username.

Facebook notes that changing your username also changes your Facebook email address, and you will no longer receive email sent to your old address. You can only change your username once, so make sure you really want your new username. If you still want to change your username, enter your new username, and then click “Check Availability”. If your new username is not being used by anyone else, you will be able to change your Facebook profile to set this as your new username.

If you are a business with a Facebok Page, you can set a Facebook username by visiting www.facebook.com/username/, too. Your page will first have to have more than 25 fans before you can set a username for your Facebook page, though, so you’ll want to get the word out quickly about your brand or band before you try to set a username on Facebook. Just be careful to pick the right username for your business, because when you go over 100 fans you won’t be able to change the username – so make sure your brand or band’s spelling and grammar is correct before you click “confirm” when set your Facebook page’s username.