Starting tomorrow, the 2011 hopes and dreams of every NFL fan begin to be realized…or crushed. A good draft can make or break a team, and it seems that coverage of and interest in the event grows exponentially every year. While we don’t even know if there is going to be a 2011 NFL season at this point, there is definitely going to be a draft, and Draft Pik 2011 is a new iPhone app that will help you keep up as the picks are announced starting tomorrow.

Draft Pik is a simple app that has a lot of features. You can pick your favorite teams so news from your team is displayed more┬áprominently, see a countdown to the draft as you’re waiting for it to start, as well as monitor tweets from NFL media sources and draft-related news up until the first round begins.

You can also fill out your picks for a mock draft, and even win $500 if you have the most accurate mock draft ballot among Draft Pik users. Several experts include mock drafts as well, with the app combining expert opinions into a “consensus” section that attempts to generate most likely outcome scenarios.

Of course, Draft Pik 2011 also includes player and team profiles, so you can read up about the different prospects at each position and the various needs of each NFL team. No draft-related rock goes uncovered in Draft Pik 2011, they’ve done a good job in making it a totally one-stop shop for everything you would need to know about the NFL draft.

You’ll definitely want to get Draft Pik 2011 before the draft starts tomorrow, as it will also include a live feed of draft picks as they are happening. Follow along whether you’re at work, in the car or out and about, and don’t miss any picks! Draft Pik is an essential app for any NFL junkie.

Overall, the app pretty much gets out of the way and provides the information you’re looking for without a fancy UI or unnecessary features. It’s stable, looks nice, and has every ounce of NFL draft information only a few taps away–what more could a fan want?

Draft Pik is $2.99 for a limited time on the App Store

Don’t feel like paying for the app? We have 5 codes for a free copy that we’ll give away to 5 random lucky commenters tonight. Just leave a comment with your favorite NFL team and make sure your email is correct, and we’ll send the codes out later tonight to the winners. Good luck!