If you’re looking for some help and support with Microsoft Office, there are several options available — from books and training to online forums. The trick is knowing where to find these help and support resources and when to use them. Of course, you can find help right here, but there may be times you need to get additional help with Microsoft Office.

In this article, you’ll learn about the different options available to getting help and support with Microsoft Office and where to find the resources.

Microsoft Office Support Pages

Each of the Office applications has its own support page. A support page typically provides access to:

  • Articles
  • Step by step directions for performing tasks within the respective application
  • Demos and webcasts
  • Links to free online training

To find any of the Microsoft Office support pages, navigate to the official Microsoft Office site. Click the Support option and from the drop down list, select the appropriate application.

How to Get Help With Microsoft Office

Free Training Programs

If it’s training you’re looking for, Microsoft offers free online self-paced training. These are short courses that cover specific aspects of an application. For example, you can take a short course on how to create your first document on Word 2010. Furthermore, if you’re not sure what training to take first, training roadmaps are available that show you which courses are available.

To access the self-paced, online training, navigate to Microsoft Office Training and select the Office application for which you want training.

How to Get Help With Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Blogs

In addition to support pages and training, you can also tap into the Microsoft Office Blogs. Here you’ll find daily tips, tricks, ideas, resources, etc. Along with the official Microsoft Office Blog, there are numerous other blogs available, including Office product blogs and featured blogs.

To tap into the blogs, navigate to Microsoft Office Blogs.

How to Get Help With Microsoft Office

Microsoft Answers

Finally, you can also tap into other Office users and experts through Microsoft Answers.

Navigate to Microsoft Answers and click Office. From here you can ask a new question or search for a previous answer. If you’re an avid Office user, you can also jump in and provide answers to others’ questions as well as share your own ideas, tips, etc.

How to Get Help With Microsoft Office