I must admit I really enjoy the television commercials from Geico, which provide very entertaining skits that are actually humorous. Progressive has the girl who helps people find the right policy at a rate they state is the lowest of any other insurance company. Allstate still wants us to believe that, using it, we are in ‘good hands.’ But are these the best companies to meet your auto or home insurance needs?

According to the Web site Find The Best, it has a different idea on how to find information that is sometimes biased by affiliates trying to create advertisements, rather than useful, unbiased information. The thinking is that consumers need a Web site that is unbiased and that uses reliable databases of information to form their opinions. These sources of information can include information from businesses, corporations, governmental agencies, researchers, and other trusted sources. By doing this the folks at Find The Best believe that consumers will be able to make a more informed decision when buying a product or service.

One of the first things you will notice on the Find The Best Web site is that there are no advertisements, ads by Google, or other advertising banners. Towards the top of the home page are an assortment of recommendations for you to choose from as well as a listing of popular searches that have been made on the Web site itself.

As a test to try the Web site, I asked which the best anti-virus product is. I have my own personal opinions and wanted to see what the unbiased results would be. The results were as follows:

  • Vipre Antivirus Premium
  • Norton Internet Security 2010
  • Norton AntiVirus 2010
  • McAfee Total Protection
  • Avast! Free Antivirus
  • Norton Antivirus 2010
  • Norton Internet Security 2011
  • Norton Antivirus 2011
  • Panda Internet Antivirus Pro
  • Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper 2011

You may notice that both the #3 and the #6 software products are the same. I double checked the results page and both list the same methodology of testing and the same companies whom rated the software. I don’t understand why the same product shows up twice with two different ratings.

Putting this aside, I think that Find The Best Web site may just be an added search engine which we can use when we are looking for specific information. I also hope that the Web site owners will keep the Web site advertisement free. Placing advertisements on the Web site will dilute the credibility factor.