Empire Avenue isn’t just a game, but there is a level of “achievement” built into Empire Avenue to help motivate you in the process of meeting and looking for interesting new people. Empire Avenue has identified two types of people that are likely to use Empire Avenue,  and thereby, two ways you can “win.”

If you’re the type of person using Empire Avenue to primarily meet people, Empire Avenue considers you an “influencer.” If you’re this type of person, you’ll “win” at Empire Avenue by making the most of your connections. Not sure if this is you? Empire Avenue identifies influencers as people who create content, tweet and check Facebook often, and play social games, interact with their network, and create YouTube videos.

how to win empire avenueIf you’re in influencer, you can win on Empire Avenue in three simple ways. First, unlock all the Influence Mogul Achievements. These are badges for things you probably do day in, and day out, but the reward is motivational. Additionally, you can win on Empire Avenue as an influencer by getting on your local country, community, or global leaderboards on Empire Avenue. And of course, you can win Empire Avenue by becoming a millionaire on Empire Avenue. These are all easy to do if you are creating content, engaging with your existing communities, and investing in others engaged in social media.

If you’re not the influencer type, you may be a great investor in social media influencers. If you spend your time reading content, or watching YouTube videos, you may strive to win at Empire Avenue by winning as an investor. You’ll want to unlock all the Investor Achievements (which will reward you for your already existing daily habits) and get on your leaderboards as well. You’ll also want to become a millionaire on Empire Avenue. This will be easy if you strive to invest in those creating good content, because they’ll produce a dividend every night that will reward you for investing in their influence. Additionally, Empire Avenue offers recommendations for the best investments, and you may also find good tips and tricks in your communities and other social networks.

If you’re really ambitious, go after both sets of achievements, meeting as many people as you can while also driving up your own stock price through your creative endeavors online. To get started winning on Empire Avenue, sign up at empireavenue.com