If you’re a regular user of Twitter, you’re probably (and unfortunately) familiar with the occasional spam @reply or @mention inclusion. All it takes is one tweet from you about the new job opening in your company, and suddenly your @mention inbox seems to get immediately flooded with work-at-home “opportunities” from Twitter users you’ve never heard of – and often with an egg for a profile picture. You could just block these accounts, which will prevent the spammy Twitter user from following you, sending you an @reply, including you in a tweet with an @mention, or placing you on a Twitter list. A better and more proactive solution to solving this spam problem on Twitter is utilizing the option to report the spam account to Twitter’s “Trust and Safety Team”. The team at Twitter will review the account, and if Twitter in fact finds the account you report to be spam, Twitter will suspend or remove the account entirely.

Indications that a Twitter account is engaging in spam tactics include the Twitter account posting harmful links, such as links to phishing or malware sites, and using aggressive following behavior, such as following and unfollowing many people at once for attention. Spammers on Twitter also tend to abuse the @reply or @mention functions to post unwanted messages to other Twitter users, and also might spam trending topics with hashtags to gain attention (and also  to find more Twitter users to send unwanted messages).

To report spam on Twitter, go to the profile page that is being spamming you and click the gear icon on their profile page. From the dropdown menu, click on “Report @username for spam.” Once you click on this the account will automatically be blocked for you. It will also be reported to Twitter’s “Trust and Safety Team”, which will then take action on the acccount and hopefully prevent it from spamming other Twitter users in the future.