I am always on the lookout for the best Twitter app for iPhone. You could say I’m addicted to Twitter, but I’m also reliant on my thousands of followers to provide me with the latest and breaking news and trends from and about a variety of sources, be they technology, sports, celebrity gossip, or tonight’s happy hour location. I’m not always typing away at my desk, so having a great iPhone Twitter app is essential. I look for quick delivery of mentions, an ease of navigation between my lists, and the ability to quickly stream conversations using hashtags while at events and conferences.

So far, TweetDeck has been my tried and true Twitter app of choice for iPhone. The only thing TweetDeck for iPhone doesn’t have is push notifications for mentions (so I use TwitBird Pro, too, just for those.) A new third-party Twitter app for iPhone has emerged on the scene with tempting features that present the app as comparatively less clunky, as a whole, than any Twitter app I’ve seen so far. Is Tweetbot the best new iPhone Twitter app?

Tweetbot is a new Twitter app for the iPhoneUnfortunately, Tweetbot is really not the next best app for iPhone. I’m not so stingy that I won’t pay for an app — especially one free of advertising — the small price proves this point alone (many other Twitter apps for iPhone are free). Tweetbot also has an excellent UI with some great features. Not only is it easy to log in, but you can navigate between conversations and see the history of a tweet with a simple swipe. Every user of Twitter uses Twitter differently, and with that, Tweetbot offers you to customize the the Tab Bar for easy access to what you personally use most. Tweetbot has left users the power to determine whether they need faster access to lists, profiles, or search capabilities.

Tweetbot’s simplicity causes it to lack in some key features that other third-party Twitter clients have capitalized on, such as the quick ability to navigate between lists as well as offer push notifications. Tweetbot’s ability to automatically recognize profiles in a mention while tweeting is also exceptionally clunky, as it takes several steps to find the user name you want to mention in a tweet. Tweetbot does provide notifications of new tweets and mentions, but only if the app is open.

Tweetbot has a few good ideas, and may work well for someone who is, at most, a casual user of Twitter, and needs a simple app for the iPhone. If you like to navigate between the more complex features of Twitter, such as lists or search, or enjoy push notifications, Tweetbot is definitely not the best app for iPhone.

Try it for yourself, though — Tweetbot is available for $1.99 in the iTunes App Store — and let us know what you think in the comments.