Making decisions can be hard. Which shoes do you buy? Which shirt looks better? Which cute guy or girl at the bar should you talk to? Up until now, we have all likely crowdsourced these and other types of answers by taking pictures and sending them via email or SMS while standing in dressing rooms, at the grocery store or from across the room (if you are so stealthy). Getting an answer to a necessary decision this way can be clunky or confusing, not to mention time consuming.

Now there’s an easy way to make decisions. With Swayable, a free iPhone app, with companion Web site that also offers integration for bloggers, you can easily present your dilemma to your friends and community, who can then easily vote on which choice to make. Simply log in to Swayable with your Facebook or Twitter on your iPhone and create a Swayable that asks your friends are followers to weigh in their opinion between two pictures, along with a short question explaining your choice or question at hand. You can then share the Swayable with your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, or via email. Swayable allows you to choose whether you want your Swayable to be listed publicly for anyone to vote — or sway — on, or just shared between your friends. Users who want to offer their opinion and help their friends make a decision can then “sway” their vote, and leave a comment with their thoughts.

use swayable to help make decisionsSwayables can also be created and managed at, where thousands of other Swayables are listed. Additionally, bloggers can visit to get an embed code for their Swayable, allowing their readers or community to “sway” their thoughts and help you make your decision without your readers ever leaving the blog. Results are automatically sent back to the creator of the Swayable each time someone votes, or “sways.” Creators of a Swayable can even opt to get each result as a push notification to their iPhone, helping you make a decision as you get opinions ion real-time.

Swayable was created by Lindsey Harper after she needed her husband to help her make a decision about which car-top cargo box to choose at REI in 2010. After realizing the process of sending two separate photos in two separate emails was “clunky,” the idea of Swayable was born. Harper realizes people need help to make decisions like this often — especially teenagers. She has even developed a slightly separate version of Swayable targeted just for Justin Bieber fans, as we all know that specific demographic can be just slightly indecisive. Though the target audience may have less important decisions to make than the best car-top cargo box to buy, Swayable can be useful to almost anyone needing help making a decision.

What decisions could Swayable help you make? Try out Swayable at, or download the app for the iTunes app store. Let us know what you think in the comments.