By now most iPad owners have had an opportunity to get a feel for how the touch interface works, along with finding some of their favorite apps from the iPhone carried over to the iPad. Well I’m here to remind you that not only do WeatherBug’s iOS apps work on the iPad, WeatherBug even has an iPad specific application designed specifically for the iPad experience. What does it look like? Perhaps the best place to get started is with the tour video below that I created today.

As you can see, WeatherBug blows the competition out of the water with clear design, an intuitive app feel, and most important, neighborhood centric weather — not just that airport stuff you get with the other guys.

Features to test out for yourself

At-A-Glance Information: The new widget panel design enables users to immediately access their preferred weather information and views

Location-Enabled Intelligence: The “Find Me” option automatically adjusts the location and default maps based on the user’s current location for quick and seamless access to local conditions and alerts

Unlimited Locations: Users can define as many locations as desired for unlimited weather information worldwide

Detailed Visualization: A large map area provides several contoured weather overlay options (including satellite, radar, humidity, pressure, wind speed, and forecast hi/low) to display current conditions and approaching systems

High Resolution Video: Fully utilizes the iPad display for viewing daily WeatherBug National Outlook forecasts and news

Camera Images: Provides current conditions views and time-lapse images from 15 locations within a 100 mile radius of the user’s location

Free and paid versions available

One additional feature that I think you’ll find handy is that you can upgrade the free edition into the paid edition, right there from within the app. No searching for a second application on the App Store. Just install one version and upgrade to the ad-free option if you so choose. Simple.

And on the subject of two versions of WeatherBug, be sure to also check out the free and paid version of WeatherBug for the iPhone as well.