On Tuesday evening I received an email from a niece with a link to an advertisement, referencing a money making scam. The Web site alleged that a woman, who just happens to reside in the same town as I do, was making $6,700 a month while working only 20 hours a week. The advertisement stated that the woman only had to link Web sites and that was it. You could do the same thing, the cash would start to roll in, and life would be good for you and your family. What appeared to be an isolated incident turned out not to be the case.

During the next few days, I received the same email six more times. This morning I received the same email from a friend of mine, also linking to the same Web site. I then discovered I was starting to receive two and three emails from others in my contact list, all linking to the same scam.

I take pride in the fact that all of my systems have been virus and malware free for 10 years or more. Just to be sure, I ran several scans on my system to confirm all was well. As I have stated before, I never rely on just a single anti-virus software, but I also use online scans to keep my system bug free. I use Malwarebytes free edition as an additional precaution, along with the free version of avast!.

I contacted those who had sent me the emails, advising that they may not be aware that their systems could be compromised. I was polite, even though it irritated me to no end, that they would not keep their systems protected. This brings me to this thought. Why is it that people still allow their systems to be unprotected? With free protections available, why does this situation continue to occur?

But it gets even better. One of the people who I contacted and advised of a possible virus was also contacted by others in his contact/address book. This man sent out an email stating he is aware of the situation and is correcting the problem. I noticed that everyone he sent the email to are all listed in the TO: box. This now exposes everyone in the TO: box to exposure to others. I don’t know who all these people are and do not want my personal email address exposed to the masses.

I use my computer for work. It seems many people use their computer as a toy and have no idea on how to properly use their computer, nor do they know how to protect it.

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