In what I can only describe as another unique Google promotion, the company is starting to advertise on the older medium of television. I spotted one of the Google advertisements last evening while watching television, when my wife brought the ad to my attention. Her question was: why would Google advertise on TV?

Google has been a driving force on the Internet since the company grabbed the lion’s share of search. One would think that Google should have little trouble getting the public to start using its Chrome Browser. However, one of the problems is trying to get the public’s attention focused on Chrome and away from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser.

So what other options does Google have to gain attention to its Chrome browser? Google could take the AOL approach and mail out millions of compact discs to every household in America. The scheme that AOL tried, I believe, was a failure, with consumers outraged at the AOL disks arriving week after week. I used the AOL discs to keep the birds away from our berries in the back yard. Most people just tossed them into the trash, adding more toxins to our trash dumps.

Google tried placing advertisements for its Chrome browser on the Internet, but apparently this hasn’t helped much. Chrome has been struggling to garner market share and is at about 18% with Internet Explorer at about 45%. Most people use Internet Explorer because it is the default Windows browser and they feel comfortable using it. Firefox remains the most popular alternative to IE. Many users may not feel there is a need to try something else.

Most people who read the articles here at LockerGnome are tech savvy and know that there are many alternatives to Internet Explorer. 21% of LockerGnome readers use Google Chrome as of this writing. Many people outside the tech industry have no clue that Google even makes a browser, or that they can download something else besides Internet Explorer. This, I believe, is where Google should concentrate its focus and enlighten those who don’t know about other alternatives.

So trying advertisements on television may be a great way to bring the brand to consumers’ attention. Google has the big bucks to give this a try and increase its browser market share.

Watch Google’s video; will it make you switch?

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