It is hard to believe that it has been almost 3 months since I started using the Google Chrome Cr-48 notebook computer. Google has listened carefully to the feedback that we beta testers have provided. They have updated and fine-tuned their operating system. Basically the Chrome OS is without any major issues and I continue to use the system about 50% of the time I spend on the Internet. I am using the Cr-48 to type this blog posting via Google Docs.

So what are a few of the things that have changed, were updated, fixed, or repaired during the past 3 months of using the Google Chrome Cr-48 notebook computer?

The built in touch-pad was unusable when I fist received the notebook. Slowly but surely Google finally improved the touch pad experience and it is now a viable alternative to a USB mouse.

Both Wi-Fi and the 3G connection to Verizon have been improved dramatically. Signal strength and connection speeds improved, making it easier to change between networks.

Browsing speed also improved over the past three months. When I first connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, the experience was horrid. While writing a blog post on LockerGnome, trying to save and post the article was unbearably slow. Speeds now rival my personal laptop.

Both sound and back-light settings are improved.

Crashes which were once common place have now all but vanished.

Google Cloud Print actually works and I can print to either my HP laser printer or Canon All-in-One without a problem. Prior to this, printing was not an option.

In my opinion the Google Chrome Cr-48 notebook computer has finally reached a point where the ‘beta’ designation can be dropped. It is ready for prime time, but with some caveats. If the Cr-48 is used the way Google designed it, as a Google device to connect to the Internet, you will enjoy the experience. The Google Chrome Cr-48 notebook computer is perfect for things like simple browsing and social networking tasks. If you expect the Cr-48 to be like a traditional laptop, you may be disappointed.

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