Advanced SystemCare PRO offers automated, all-in-one optimization service for your Windows computer, complete with anti-spyware, system tune-up, privacy protection, and system cleaning capabilities. If you are frustrated by unexplained errors on your computer and need to remove some of the clutter that builds up in your computer over time, Advanced SystemCare PRO provides Internet optimization and speeds up downloads. Anti-spyware and privacy protection features help enhance your personal security.

IObit, the company that makes Advanced System Care, added a new optimization engine in Advanced SystemCare 4, which is meant to deliver a more complete system optimization. Verizon 4 steps up the focus on security and privacy, taking a more aggressive approach to protecting your system, in addition to helping it run faster. Advanced SystemCare 4 also includes a design overhaul, with four main entrance points for accessing the key features, including daily maintenance, a complete fix and tune up, the ultimate PC speedup, and smart tools. You can choose from 10 different skins to get the look you want for your optimizations.

We all accumulate a little cruft in our computers. Advanced SystemCare is trying to bring back that new PC smell to your operating system by purging the cruft, eliminating errors, and generally bringing your computer back to full operational capacity.

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