I have been using Glary Utilities for about 3 years and have found the utility to provide excellent performance for keeping my system running smoothly. Most importantly, Glary Utilities has never caused any system problems in which I needed to repair a program or other fix to get my system running properly. Because of this, and the fact that Glary Utilities is free, I have come to trust Glary Utilities on all of my Windows systems.

I recently read an article about ioBit’s Advanced System Care 4, and decided to give this software product a workout to see how well it performed. I downloaded ioBit Advanced System Care 4 and installation went smoothly. Once installed you have two different icons to use, depending on your preferences.

Icon #1 is Quick Care, which provides an assortment of commonly used tools, such as scanning for malware, fixing the Windows registry, fixing short-cuts, scanning for junk files, and a privacy sweep to remove nasty leftovers after surfing the Internet. Icon #2 is the complete Advanced
System Care 4, with added features to make your system squeaky clean.

For my first test I tried Quick Care. The program is actually quite fast and I was confronted with an assortment of problems that the software indicated needed fixing. The system created a backup file just in case something went wrong, and in a matter of minutes, all was fixed or repaired according to the software screen. I found the Quick Care feature easy to use, which would be great for those in our families who are not computer gurus.

The Advanced System Care 4 options are very well layed out. There are options to use a defragmenter, fix disk errors, undelete files that have been deleted from the recycle bin, and repair options to fix numerous other Windows conditions. As an example, on my laptop system, ASC4 wanted to put icons back on my desktop such as the recycle bin, my computer and so forth, which I do not wish to see. So the software program does offer a lot of benefits in that it can repair issues that may be plaguing your PC.

My overall experience was positive and I think this software would be great, in Quick Care mode, for those family members who are always bugging us for help. For me though, I will be sticking with Glary Utilities because it is just like an old pair of shoes and fits my comfort level.

Comments as always are welcome.

Download ioBit Advanced System Care 4