Most of us have seen the current crop of advertisements on television for DirecTV, in which they show how simple it is to stop watching a TV program in one room, and resume watching the same TV program in another. For the past several weeks I have tried doing this without success. I guess my thinking was that if you paused the TV program, you could resume the TV program in another room without a problem.

What is confusing about the operation is the fact that, in the TV commercials for DirecTV, they show the pause and resume process in what appears to be one simple operation as the person walks from room to room. Unfortunately this is not how it works. The process is more involved and requires several steps with user intervention in order to complete.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to watch a program in one room and resume the same program in another:

Press the Record button, then press the List button and select the show you are recording. Select Play from the list. Stop the process by pressing the key with the square stop button. You can turn off your DVR. Go to the room where you wish to resume the playback of the program you were watching. After powering up the TV and DirecTV in your other room, press List from the remote. Select Resume from the list to continue watching your show.

Here is a ‘gotcha’ I have noticed when I have pressed the Record button. In some instances the entire program will get recorded if you have been watching the show from when it started. If this happens to you, you will need to fast forward the program to where you were when you pressed the Record button.

Confusing? Not really. Once you perform the procedure a few times you will be more proficient in its use. However, do not expect the simplicity that the DirecTV advertisement on television shows. The commercial doesn’t even show the actor or actress changing remotes.

If you know a simpler way to achieve the same results, please share your procedure with us.

Comments welcome.