The television industry must be ecstatic that some of the major technology players are hitting the air waves with their commercials. We first saw Google touting the benefits of its Chrome browser over Internet Explorer. A Staples television commercial shows a family coming home to find their home has been burglarized. Sitting on the floor is an old PC that the crooks didn’t even bothering stealing, since it was just too old to bother with.

Microsoft’s new television commercial takes us into new, uncharted territory. The television commercial is an attempt to convince those who are using older computers, in the four-year-old or older range, to dump their Windows XP for Windows 7. These are those older computers that could not be upgraded to Windows Vista or Windows 7.

One would think that Microsoft has a battle in which its enemy is actually itself. Windows XP was so popular that many users do not want to dump their older systems, which they see as being able to do everything they need to do. I still have an older computer in the house running Windows XP. Our middle daughter has a desktop PC, also using Windows XP.

Another reason Microsoft is advertising its PC products may not be operating system related. The marketplace is changing. The change does not include Windows or the PC. Apple made a dent in the PC marketplace with its extremely popular Apple iPad tablet computers. In addition, many more people are using smartphones as computer replacements. Few of these smartphones use Windows Phone 7.

I will soon be in a position where I believe many of you may be finding yourselves. In October, I will be in the market to replace my three-year-old laptop computer. I have already found a perfect replacement from Toshiba. The price for the new laptop will be about $700. But I am also intrigued by the Apple iPad 2, which, combined with a Bluetooth keyboard, would work well for me.

I have been using Google Docs with the Google Chrome Cr-48 computer that I have for testing. I have found that I can use Google Docs and have no need to store anything on the computer itself. Also, I have the Cr-48 setup to print on both my printers, so that is not an issue.

So I will be exploring either buying another laptop, an Apple iPad 2, or maybe just continue using the free Google Chrome Cr-48 that Google was so kind to send me.

What would you do?

Comments welcome.