Intuit, the company that brings simple accounting to small businesses, has a free edition of their popular software available for downloading. QuickBooks Simple Start Free Edition 2010 is a trimmed down version of the QuickBooks accounting software that many businesses rely upon for their daily transaction and record keeping of expenses and income. Over the years Intuit has provided consumers and small business owners the tools necessary to keep track of their finances, employee payouts and also inventory control.

I used the 2009 version of Quickbooks Simple Start Free Edition for the past several years. When I saw that Intuit was still offering the software for free, I downloaded the newer version to my system and updated my backup files to work with the newer program. Speaking of downloading this program, it is a whopping 466MB, so a broadband connection is highly recommended. Also keep in mind that 2010 is the latest version of QuickBooks Simple Start Free Edition because Intuit lags behind a year with free versions.

After the upgrade was completed and my company files were updated, I took the 2010 edition of QuickBooks Simple Start Free Edition for a spin. What I immediately noticed is that the new version started quicker than the 2009 version. The older version had a ‘poky’ start and opened slowly. This never concerned me since it is a freebie software product and I am just appreciative that Intuit offers the software. I also noticed that opening of my company files was also quicker than before.

There are limitations to the software, including a limit of 20 employees to keep track of. In my opinion that in itself is a generous number and again will be appreciated by most users. The free edition also doesn’t provide the option to produce a backup copy for your accountant like the Pro edition does, but again, this is a small price to pay for the free version.

So who can benefit for the Quickbooks Simple Start Free Edition 2010? If you are like me and just need a simple to use accounting program to track expenses and income, this program does these functions extremely well. Also if you are a small shop with a limited number of employees, this free edition will work well. However, if you have a larger business or need the services of an accountant, your best option is to get the paid Pro edition of the software. The added features of the Pro version alone will make the additional cost well worth it when it comes tax time.

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