The iPhone is capable of some pretty amazing things. Among those amazing things includes the option to use the iPhone as a mouse and keyboard with your desktop. Compatible with Windows and OS X, Logitech has released a small server application that sits in your system tray. Its purpose is to work in conjunction with an iOS application that treats your iPhone’s touch screen as a mouse. Clever, huh? Wait, it gets better. This application also provides the option of a little keyboard should the need present itself.

Enter Logitech Touch Mouse Server

Logitech’s Touch Mouse application and server provide you with something fairly compelling if you connect a computer up to a TV set. It translates into over the air control of said computer, without the need for a traditional mouse and keyboard. This is fantastic if you’re someone who likes to be able to move their cursor from the couch, especially when the computer is connected to the TV set. Remember, many of those TV shows you like so much still require you to use a browser if you want to watch them legally from your computer. Might as well employ the use of your iPhone to make mouse and keyboard actions less painful.

Downsides to Logitech Touch Mouse

Touch Mouse works as a mouse and keyboard over Wi-Fi. So if you’re dealing with a lot of network congestion, you may find the application runs too slowly to be of much use. Performance will vary in this area as it will depend heavily on your personal network. Linux users are completely out of luck with Touch Mouse. Despite the fact that providing a tiny server applet to run on the Linux platform isn’t that difficult, Logitech opted against it.

More dependable alternatives?

Looking for a more reliable alternative? While not nearly as cool, you might consider just using a wireless trackball mouse. It would provide you with the same stationary experience — minus the keyboard. But at least you know you’re not relying on Wi-Fi for a steady connect between mouse movements and your connected computer.