Movie lovers, rejoice! As of right now, Netflix for Android is finally available. While we thought that the LG Revolution would be the exclusive first Android device to get Netflix, they’ve let the cat out of the bag early and the app is on the Market now for select devices: The HTC Incredible, Nexus One, Evo 4G, and T-Mobile G2, plus the Samsung Nexus S are all in on the Netflix love.
The features of Netflix for Android are the usual — you can access your instant queue as well as search and browse though Netflix’s huge catalog of streaming movies and TV shows. There’s also a “resume” feature that allows you to start watching a movie on your PC and then finish it on your Android phone — perfect if you decide you’d rather finish Toy Story 3 in bed.
Netflix Now Available on (Some) Android Phones!What if you don’t have one of the listed phones? The Netflix Blog says Netflix is working on it. While its only available for these select phones now, Netflix “expect[s] to quickly add to the number of phones that can download from Android Market as we work with ecosystem partners to expand playback support.”

We anticipate that many of these technical challenges will be resolved in the coming months and that we will be able to provide a Netflix application that will work on a large majority of Android phones.

What are the technical issues exactly? Well, it’s mostly due to the lack of “standard streaming playback features” on Android devices, according to Netflix, it is required to test each individual handset and only launch on devices that work 100%. Sounds reasonable to me; let’s just hope that at least the other current-gen phones get some Netflix awesomeness.
If you have one of the listed phones and live in the U.S. (no Canada either, sorry guys), head over the Market and download away! If you don’t have one of the approved Android phones, keep checking the Android Market.