We’re getting reports that the Verizon network in the Northwest is acting up this afternoon (May 14), resulting in difficulties making calls, texting and using data. The problems have been on-and-off, but there appears to be significant issues.
Reports of problems are flooding social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, with people all over Oregon and Washington mainly complaining that there are problems with their service.
@lorsturm:  “Just back from the Verizon store. The network is down. The store is swarming with fellow customers… FIY. Ugh! #inbend” – Bend, OR
@TheRealNatanna: “We can text & use Internet but can’t make any calls… what’s up @Verizon?” – Portland, OR
Lex Butera via Facebook: “Any other Verizon customers having issues with both texting and phoning?”
@jermsie: “@VZWSupport No Verizon calls or texts able to come or go in Eugene, Oregon and beyond. Confirmed online. What’s the deal?”
I’ve also noticed problems up here in Seattle. They might not be as bad as the Oregon outage, but I got a text from my girlfriend saying that she tried to call three times and got a busy signal each time, despite my phone definitely sitting unused on the table the whole time she said she was trying to call.
Check for updates in this case by following the #Verizon hashtag on Twitter. As we’re following this, it appears that the outage might be worst in Western Oregon cities Eugene, Medford, and Newport where texting, data, and calling are experiencing issues. Reports from more northern cities like Portand and Seattle seem to be more mild, with sporadic connection issues and busy signals.
Is anyone else experiencing issues? Feel free to share in the comments, and make sure to include your location.