Those Angry Birds are chasing after the green pigs again, but this time the game is being played on the Google Chrome OS. The free beta version of Angry Birds for Chrome OS is available now and comes in either SD or HD game play. There are 70 levels currently available with seven new levels for Chrome OS users. To get Angry Birds on your Chrome OS notebook, go to the Google Web Store and click the Install button for Angry Birds.

You next need to select which format you wish displayed, either Standard Definition or High Definition. View the fortification that is protecting the green pigs from destruction and you are ready to play. The screen auto-scrolls over to a sling shot, which holds one of the Angry Birds. Your job is to launch the Angry Bird with enough height and velocity to knock down the fortress, which collapses and wipes out the green piggies.

I installed the game this morning and in a matter of minutes was launching the Angry Birds into the fortresses protecting the green pigs. Each level requires a skill set including geometry and physics. Oh, luck is also helpful when propelling the birds through the air and trying to smash down the fortifications. This has become one of the most popular games and now has versions for just about every platform including Chrome OS.

There is also a trick to get Angry Birds to play on your Firefox browser that should work for you. The first requirement is that you must make sure that you have Adobe Flash installed. You can then find Angry Birds Chrome online, which also works in Firefox.

I haven’t tried playing Angry Birds in Firefox and I am not sure if it will work or not, but according to LockerGnome’s Jake Ludington it works in Firefox 4 on Windows 7. Playing Angry Birds is a great way to waste your time and keep yourself entertained. Enjoy.