Social media is less about doing social media, and more about how you can be social. At least, that is the message Jay Baer and Amber Naslund have for attendees of BlogWorld this year. This echoes the message in their new book, The Now Revolution. Jay and Amber previewed The Now Revolution at BlogWorld in October 2010 and the book is now out on shelves. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Jay Baer about The Now Revolution and his upcoming presentation at BlogWorld in New York.

The Now Revolution is primarily targeted towards businesses and organizational teams looking to make social media part of their organizations. As Jay put it, The Now Revolution explains how companies can make social “part of a company’s DNA.” The book doesn’t explain how companies can use Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks — because that’s been done — but how companies can use social chatter to make smarter decisions. The Now Revolution features examples and case studies that are capitalizing on this opportunity economy, such as how conversations embedded within social media are leading to sales.

now revolution by jay baerJay noted that he and Amber started working on the book a little over a year ago, around April 2010. They specifically wanted to develop the book in a way “that was going to be extraordinary and relevant five years from now.” There are currently books out there that explain how to do social media, but these will be out of date in even just a few months (Jay points out the evolution of Digg to Twitter to Foursquare as examples of the shifting social media landscape). The tools we use change very quickly, and even how the tools fit into large corporations changes rapidly. Jay explains that fundamentally everything in The Now Revolution will be relevant five years from now.

Jay’s biggest hope that people — especially businesses — learn that they need to be social. “There is folly in creating social media strategy that is tool centric. If your strategy revolves around tools, it will fail,” Jay said. Figuring out the kinds of relationships you want to develop should come first — then decide what tools to use to nurture those relationships. He further advises that the goal of developing a strategy is not to be good at social media but to be good at business because of social media. He also points out that there really “is no trophy. There is no game solely by being good at social media. It has to serve a larger social media objective. You can’t pay your mortgage with a Klout score.”

If you’re headed to BlogWorld New York, make sure you don’t miss Jay Baer’s session on Tuesday, May 24 at 9:00 a.m. as he presents The Now Revolution. And if you haven’t signed up, be sure to use coupon code GNOME20 to save on registration. You can also read more about Jay or follow him on Twitter at @jaybaer.