With more than 175 million registered Twitter accounts, Twitter is becoming an increasingly noisy social network. Unless you take the time to set up lists to filter specific types of tweets, the amount of information you read on Twitter can be overwhelming. my6sense wants to help target the most important updates from your Twitter stream with its plugin for Google Chrome so that you only receive the most critical updates from friends and top news sources.

my6sense for Twitter.com works based on “Digital Intuition” — a platform that powered the original my6sense app that is available for most smartphones. This family of apps “sensed” what was most important in your RSS and social streams, over time featuring news stories and messages relevant to you based on the “Digital Intuition” algorithm, and not necessarily the most recently published items in your timeline.

my6sense filters tweets that are relevant using digital intuitionmy6senese for Twitter.com adds a new dedicated tab to your Twitter stream. Based on your Twitter activity, my6sense will feature only “critical updates from your friends or top news sources.” You can opt to only see tweets with links featured in this stream, which automatically filters tweets from those you follow to include news stories and editorial analysis. Over time, the my6sense system learns what interests you, and will rank tweets based on your behavior according to your interests. When you view link within a tweet, you can even preview it directly within Twitter. By clicking on the arrow to the side of the tweet you can see the title, image, article excerpt, or even video without having to navigate away from Twitter.com.

Though my6sense does not integrate with Twitter lists — which are a critical aspect to the way I gather content and engage with others in my community — my6sense for Twitter.com is a nice addition to help ensure I don’t miss interesting new content from my followers on Twitter that I may have not listed, or may have missed while not glued to Twitter for more than a few minutes. my6sense for Twitter.com provides a steady stream of links to relevant content with commentary — and the best part is, the more I use it, the more relevant it will become.

Would something like my6sense for Twitter.com be useful for the way you follow Twitter? Or do you use other tools and apps to filter out all the noise, making my6sense redundant? Try my6sense for Twitter.com yourself by downloading the plugin at the Google Chrome Web Store.