In today’s HDTV market place, LCD, LED, and Plasma are the main choices we have to select from. But there is another alternative that we sometimes forget about, offering a huge bang for your buck with plenty of options included. DLP (digital light processing) HDTV offers consumers a reasonable alternative to other technologies at a price point that may surprise you.

I recently viewed a Mitsubishi 60″ DLP HDTV and was pleasantly surprised at the picture quality. The unit was capable of 1080p resolution at 120 mHz, plus this Mitsubishi DLP was 3D-ready. 3D glasses are required to take advantage of the 3D video feature, which are relatively pricey per pair. The real surprise was that you can buy this unit for about $750 online. Smart shoppers may even find this TV for less over at Amazon.

So what makes DLP HDTV attractive at a reasonable price? First there is 1080p resolution. Most inexpensive HDTV screens still use the lower 720p resolution. This unit also comes with 3 HDMI inputs plus two composite inputs. [Note: there is no s-video connector on this model]. In addition, the Mitsubishi 60″ DLP also includes two stereo speakers, digital audio jack, and USB connection.

How does it look in action? In 2D mode the picture quality is very good. I watched a DVD movie on this unit on Saturday evening while visiting a neighbor’s home in the town where our daughter lives. I was actually surprised that the TV was a DLP since to me the picture quality rivaled that of any LCD I have recently viewed. I asked the homeowner if he had tried 3D and he stated he hadn’t as of yet because of the price of the 3D glasses.

With the exception of the HDTV screens that do not require 3D glasses, the cost of buying glasses for each viewer is prohibitive, in my opinion. I am also skeptical that 3D will actually be accepted by consumers or if consumers will stick with their traditional 2D HDTV sets. Only time will tell just how well 3D technology is accepted by the masses.

My overall opinion is that the Mitsubishi 60″ DLP HDTV is a viable alternative for anyone who wants a larger HDTV at a very attractive price.