If you’re like me, you probably have a couple of old cell phones and an old laptop or two sitting around from when you abandoned the electronics for something a little more shiny and new. If they’re still in decent condition, Amazon will now pay you to ship them in exchange for an Amazon gift card credited to your Amazon account.

Amazon’s trade-in program previously accepted video games, DVDs, and textbooks. To find out if Amazon is willing to now buy your old electronics, visit Amazon’s Trade-In Web site and search for the item you want to sell to Amazon. If you find your item — such as that Samsung Galaxy Tab that didn’t quite measure up to your expectations — click the “Trade In” button and choose how many you want to trade in, as well as the condition of your electronic. (If you’re not sure, click the condition you think the gadget is in and a popup will appear to clarify what “Like New,” “Good,” and “Acceptable” mean). Amazon will then list the trade-in offer. Then, just click continue, and choose your shipping method of choice. You’ll print off a shipping label, and once Amazon receives and process your electronic for trade-in, you’ll get the credit to your account.

Many popular electronics and gadgets are “available” to trade in, but the list is still fairly small. If you do find that a gadget you’ve been itching to get rid of is available to trade in, this could be a great deal, as the credit from your trade-in can be applied to your Amazon account and used to buy Kindle content, Amazon MP3s, instant video downloads, or many other Amazon items. Unfortunately, you can’t turn your gadgets into groceries quite yet — Amazon.com gift certificates don’t apply to Amazon Fresh.

To start trading in your electronics to Amazon, visit Amazon.com’s Trade-In Store.