I love my iPhone, I really do. Yet despite the option to add “favorite” phone numbers into a growing list, I believe a bigger time saver is to have one or two phone numbers placed firmly onto my iPhone’s home screen. Considering the fact that I dial the same numbers frequently, having to rely exclusively on the “Recent area” on my iPhone was getting pretty old – fast.

After doing some searching and testing, I found out there are actually two different approaches you can take to getting speed dialing setup on your iPhone. Here are the solutions I came up with.

Adding a speed dial manually
I’d love to be the guy who claims this is the easiest approach, and sadly to some extent it might be. The steps to creating a manual speed dial icon for the home screen. First, open up Safari and type in http://a-phone-number.QLNK.net and it will pop up asking you if you’d like to call this number. You hit cancel, then the small ~> arrow at the bottom, choose add it to the home screen.

iPhone Speed Dial iPhone

So how does this work? Basically you’re using QLNK.net to help make this happen. While the claim is that your number is going to be used responsibly, remember that if you’re concerned about sending data like this through it, you might be wise to find another way.

Definitely a cleaner way to get speed dialing on the iPhone’s home screen. The $0.99 spent on FaceDialer might very well be worth it to have Apple take a look at the app vs. trusting a website not to mishandle your phone numbers. FaceDialer allows you to add an icon for each number you want to add as a speed dial icon on your home screen. An additional benefit is that you can assign a face-image to each speed dial icon. Sort of an added bonus, if you ask me.