CCleaner, which was originally named ‘Crap Cleaner’ by its author, is one of the tools I use to clean up up a system clogged with junk and gunk. CCleaner takes care of left over registry entries that are no longer needed, removes temporary files that no longer serve a purpose, controls programs that start up during the boot process, and has its own uninstaller to remove unwanted programs.

When I first read about CCEnhancer, which is an add-on for CCleaner, I wondered how anything could improve on the already stellar performance of CCleaner. So I did some research and this is what I learned. Basically, CCEnhancer improves upon the performance of CCleaner by adding additional programs that CCleaner normally doesn’t handle. This allows the user to remove all traces of the 270 programs that CCEnhancer adds to the list of programs to be cleaned.

I downloaded CCEnhancer and the program automatically installed correctly to the CCleaner program. During the installation you are prompted to update CCEnhancer with the latest programs rules. Once you open CCleaner you can take advantage of the advanced cleaning functions by just checking the box of applications you wished cleaned.

I tried this add-on feature for several programs I have installed on my system and there didn’t appear to be any problems using the new feature. In fact, I noticed that more junk and gunk was actually removed than when I ran CCleaner by itself. Your mileage may vary.

The best part of both programs is that they are free. Do be aware that CCEnhancer is not an official release by the authors of the CCleaner program, so use it at your own risk. Since CCEnhancer is not an official release, I feel that only advanced users should use the add-on.

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