I have to admit, I was pretty excited when I saw the email: “You’re invited to Music Beta by Google” it said! Finally, several weeks after we first heard of the new service, I am finally able to try it out. So if you’ve also gotten the golden ticket email as well and you’re interested in getting it all set up and streaming, here’s how.
How to Upload and Stream Music with Google Music Beta1. Accept the invite on the Music Beta Web site
First, you need to click the link that was emailed to you in the invite. You’ll be taken to the Music Beta Web site, and walked through the account sign-up process. As part of the sign-up, you can select genres of free music to add to your profile, and it looks like there are some pretty well-known artists with free tunes including Outkast, John Mayer, Flying Lotus, and more.
How to Upload and Stream Music with Google Music Beta2. Download and install Music Manager
After the sign-up process has completed, you’ll be provided with a link to download the Music Manager app on your computer. If you’re on Windows, just run the installer EXE that’s downloaded like any other installer. On a Mac, mount the DMG that’s downloaded and then drag the Music Manager application into your Applications folder.
3. Upload music to Google Music
The next step is to load your music collection into Music Beta. Open the Music Manager application that you just downloaded, and then log in using the same Google account that you used to sign up for Music Beta. Then, Music Manager will ask you where you keep your music collection. If you’re an iTunes user, you can just select “iTunes player” and your whole iTunes library will be imported. If you don’t use iTunes and all your music is in a folder, just select “Other Folder” and you’ll be able to browse for the folder where your music is.
4. Wait
Music Manager will then begin the long process of scanning and uploading your files. If you have lots of music, as I do, this can take hours to complete, so make sure to be patient. You will be able to see the songs slowly appear on the Google Music Beta Web player as they are uploaded.
How to Upload and Stream Music with Google Music Beta5. Listen on Web or Android
Once your songs are uploaded, they will automatically appear on the Web player and in the Music app on any Android devices you have synced with your Google account. If you’re not seeing the songs on your Android phone, try updating the Music app from the Market to make sure you’re using the newest version. Other than that, this process is pretty straightforward and makes it easy for you to access your music from anywhere! Pretty cool stuff.