Apple has always priced its products higher than the competition. Apple’s iPad is no exception. Priced from $499 up to $829, the iPad can be called anything but inexpensive. If you look at the history of Apple computers, the main drawback to all of its products has always been price. This is why the PC running Windows soared in popularity. It is not because a PC is better; it is because it has always been good enough at a lower price.

The Apple iPad currently sets the standard when it comes to tablet computers. While other companies are trying to play catch-up, there is one area they are missing. The Android powered units, as an example, are priced the same as what Apple offers in its selection of iPads. In some cases the pricing is even higher.

The Motorola Xoom has superior features compared to the Apple iPad. Yet pricing is the same as a comparable iPad. If Motorola dropped the price by $100, I believe sales would skyrocket. But at $599, most consumers will purchase the iPad, since the Apple tablet offers more applications than what Google currently offers for its Android OS.

Some companies that are producing tablets have tied their products to companies that require two year contracts, which makes it appear that their tablet costs less. This of course is nonsense and most of us have been the victim of such shenanigans from cell phone carriers before. I will not purchase any device, no matter who makes it, when the device is tied to any type of contractual agreement, no matter how attractive the price of the device is.

Until tablet manufacturers achieve a price point below what Apple is charging for its iPad, I seriously doubt that Apple has anything to worry about. Gartner’s prediction of Apple selling 70 million iPads this year could become a reality, unless companies such as HTC, LG, Motorola, RIM, Samsung, HP and others cut their prices.

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