I am not going to make light of the current Mac Defender malware that seems to have attacked Mac users this past week. The fact is that Windows users have become experts in using and protecting our systems from this type of garbage that is deliberately thrust at us. We have learned over the years how to surf the Internet safely and avoid falling victim to malware in which the user must click on something for the infection to activate itself.

Apple has provided a link to its current strategy to remove the Mac Defender malware and also to keep from becoming infected again. The link below will take you to the Apple site with specific instructions on how to get your system functioning properly once again. My purpose of writing this article is to help you understand how to further protect yourself and not become a victim in the future.

I do not consider myself lucky, nor do I consider myself smart in not having a virus attack on any of my Windows computer systems. After almost 20 years of using a dozen or more PCs, I have never suffered any type of bug. Why is that? Why is it that I have never been infected while others seem to be bug magnets?

The first thing you must deal with is the lie. I have heard ‘I didn’t do anything but…’ so many times that I have just begun to accept this as the denial stage of getting to the problem. The next step is the acceptance stage when the computer user acknowledges the fact that they did do something. They were surfing on sites that are notorious for infecting systems or they finally state they did get a message that they did allow the installation of malware onto their systems.

This seems to be what has happened to those who have become infected with the Mac Defender malware. The user received a message that their system was infected and they were duped into allowing this rogue software to be downloaded and installed to their computers. One should never fall for this gimmick and should never allow this type of download to be executed.

Apple explains this in detail on its Web site and also provides instructions on how to remove the malware from a Mac system. Follow the instructions that Apple provides and move on with the knowledge that Mac systems are not 100% immune from infections. You should also surf safely and avoid porn sites that are notorious for distributing infections of all types.

Never fall for the ‘your system is infected’ scam that has claimed millions of victims.

Apple Mac Defender malware removal instructions are here.