Social media is most effective when it allows you to interact with others — and others to interact with you — in a way that seems effortless. But ease of use isn’t the only reason (or even the most important reason) that people have left behind traditional media like newspapers and magazines en masse for Internet-based social media. People still want to know what’s going on in the world, and social media helps ensure that we’re all experiencing it together. We love to share information (and, let’s be realistic, misinformation) with our Facebook and Twitter friends. We get an almost journalistic thrill out of breaking news that’s new (to us, at least), and we love to see how our friends react to our hot scoops. In turn, our friends get the same enjoyment out of giving us the news from their side of the Inter-fence, and they appreciate our feedback to what they’ve shared — this is what makes it social media. It’s conversation plus. It’s the office water cooler made large. It’s news with instant opinion, and we’re too spoiled to go back to our old media models. But what if we could mix the old with the new in a way that’s relevant? How would you like to read Facebook as a newspaper?

More than ever before, we’re getting our news from friends and companies that we follow with social media. Even news organizations like CNN make it easy to get the latest information by following them on Facebook and Twitter. Things have certainly changed, and it makes sense to take this content and display it in a way that reflects the fact that social media the next — and current — generation of news. Reading Facebook updates through your Facebook account is one thing, but PostPost turns the Facebook activity from your friends and the pages you like into your own Facebook newspaper.

Turn Facebook Into A Newspaper With PostPost

Once you connect PostPost with your Facebook account, your page is created instantly and it’s updated as new things are posted. You can filter what’s shown, search for something specific, and interact with the content like you would on Facebook. If you miss the newspaper experience online, then PostPost will give you a taste of it. We need all of the help that we can get to keep up with our news, so give the service a try and see if it makes Facebook more meaningful to you.